An Alternative Political Party

People First (Political) Party


I propose the establishment of a political party which is devoted to the real values of a nation, which are those matters which affect the wellbeing of its people, and avoids those distractions, such as observance of the interests of capital and subservience to financial markets.

If we look after all of the people first, then production will look after itself.  Safety, welfare and wellbeing are all that is needed to unleash occupation and creativity.

Slogan:  A happy people equals a happy country.

The principles would be

  1. A nation is composed of its people whose interests and wellbeing are foremost.
  2. The economy is merely a utilitarian construct and does not exist; therefore should not supplant consideration of social needs.
  3. All actions of government must be devoted to the first principle exclusively.


The policies would be

Until taxation, interest and profits are phased out:

  1. The assessed general level of maintenance of a person, (as currently expressed such as in the provisions of the poverty assessment), which is to be always under review, is the level at which individual taxation commences.
  2. All persons who are unemployed or who cannot be employed will receive the maintenance income as described in Policy No. 1. Where a person is partially employed, the income will be supplemented to the assessed level, plus half the maintenance level for each dependent minor, until a universal basic income is implemented.
  3. All persons and groups producing income above the assessed level , with the only exceptions being as described in Policy No. 5, will pay tax at a common rate which is assessed to be the rate which will provide the requirements of government, as budgeted, in the corresponding financial year.
  4. Persons who are retired from productive activity will receive the assessed level of maintenance, reduced (a) by half of any other income which is in excess of an amount which is assessed to be sufficient to provide incentive for self-provision and which will be under periodic review and (b) by half of the potential earnings of assets (not including the value of a principle residence) at a current average interest rate which are above a value which is assessed as sufficient to provide comfort.
  5. A. Activities devoted privately to education, to the increase of knowledge, to the provision of facilities for health or to improvements in production and productivity will be subsidised by government to the extent of those funds raised by their promulgators.  B. Registered religions will be assessed at the current rate of taxation for all amounts above a level corresponding to a multiple of the number of their registered members and the assessed personal income maintenance level.  Activities devoted to humanitarian ends as separately constituted will be under the provisions of Policy Number 5A.
  6. Education at all levels will be provided freely.
  7. Hospital treatment and necessary pharmaceuticals will be provided freely.
  8. The Medicare scheme as it existed in 2012 will be maintained.
  9. The Superannuation scheme as it existed in 2012 will be maintained with the exception that contributions after an assessed maximum amount of the individual fund has been achieved will not attract a taxation subsidy. The maximum subsidised amount will be under periodic review to maintain a sufficient basis to provide adequate living costs similar to the assessed level of maintenance in retirement.
  10. The National Disability Insurance Scheme will be maintained.
  11. The provisions of Part V of the Australian Constitution (Powers of the Parliament) will be maintained by government.
  12. Any person subject to domination of any kind will be afforded protection on request or on notification by another person. Counselling will be provided for both the aggressor and the subject.
  13. To ensure that monetary value which is generated in Australia by overseas companies is reinvested in Australia and to limit the departure of Australian manufacturing enterprises overseas, the same limit on repatriation of funds will be maintained at both personal and company levels.
  14. A tax of 0.02 percent will be applied to all transactions through a prescribed computer program to be included in the accounting systems of all entities whose activities involve monetary exchange.
  15. The economic system will be progressively modified to accord with the principles contained in “A New Economy Based on Energy Efficiency” ( New Economy Based on Energy Efficiency).
  16. Renewable energy sources will be employed for all new developments and nonrenewable sources phased out with a view to addressing the problem of climate change.
  17. Indigenous persons shall not be excluded in any way from any of the provisions obtaining above.
  18. Psychological and character assessment will be conducted in respect of all applicants (a) for any position which entails the supervision of any number of persons (b) for any position which entails the authority to use and distribute resources, whether in government or in commercial operations, (c) for marriage licenses, with a view to eliminating oppression at every level.