BMW Cars and Motorcycles and BMW Clubs

If you like BMW products or belong to a BMW club or clubs, as I do, share your likes and experiences with me on this page.

I am a life member of BMW Motorcycle Club ACT (Australia) and am resuming membership of BMW Motorcycle Club of Queensland as well as having been a member of BMW Club of ACT before we moved back to Queensland.  We are attempting to establish a chapter of the BMW Motorcycle Club of Queensland at Hervey Bay.  If anyone reading this lives in the vicinity and is interested, you are welcome to contact me through this blog for details.

Our current vehicle is a 2005 Z4 3.0 litre (Toledo blue) with all accessories which we purchased new.

My motorcycle is a 2006 K1200GT (blue) also purchased new.

Our history of BMW ownership started in 1975 with a green R75/5 motorcycle.  Since then, in the motorcycle line, we have had R90S (smoke), R100S (gold), R100RT (maroon), K100RT (maroon), K100LT (champagne gold), K1200GT 2003(green) and the current K1200GT.

Our first BMW motor car was a 1974 520i (inca orange), the first model of that range.  I t was part of a relatively, small production, made in South Africa.  Our BMW cars since then have been a 318i (navy blue), 318ti (boston green), 323ci (mauve grey) and the current Z4.

We have been privileged to have taken part in most of the TS Safaris organised by BMW Clubs Australia for road bikes.  These have been to Cairns, North Queensland (twice), Tasmania (twice), South Australia and from Bondi (Sydney) to the Gold Coast (Southern Queensland) via the mountain roads of New South Wales.

The sense of belonging to the BMW family and experiencing what is, first and foremost, a driver’s car and a rider’s motorcycle creates loyalty to the marque.  For us, this is real.  The company spares no effort to include its owners in a variety of activities which enhance the experience of owning and operating their machines.  We have been to many drive and ride days of new models, many on racetracks with unfettered access.  We have been guests at the launching of new models over many years and always afforded a sense of inclusion in the affairs of the make.

When one had been seeking a car with real handling for many years, as we were, and having found it in the first drive of a BMW, one would not have anything else.  The first BMW motorcycle took longer to appreciate but soon proved its quality and superior engineering.

Club activities have introduced us to much of the geography and topography of eastern Australia at first hand and in the company of like-minded friends.  I would recommend this to anyone for the social reasons alone, let alone the exhilaration of combatting the variety of road types and conditions.


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