Genealogy (Gilchrist Family)

Here, I will keep you up to date on the search for the family history of the Gilchrists who came to Australia on the barque “Ariadne” from Liverpool, England to Maryborough, Queensland in 1862.

My cousin has assembled the family tree since Edward and Elizabeth Gilchrist arrived in this country.

I am researching the family in Britain before that emigration.


2 Responses to Genealogy (Gilchrist Family)

  1. Hello!

    have you ever found anchestors from germany? igenea found my far cousins at great britain, but my family three is complete continental europe.

    Greetings, Dirk.

    • gilstamp says:

      Dirk, Thank you for commenting. As you know, we have similar DNA which suggests relationship perhaps centuries ago. I have found no other connections in Germany, however, on my father’s side. My mother’s family, Sempf, came to Australia from Angermunde, N-E of Berlin, in 1872.

      Warren Gilchrist

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