Stamp List

List of Stamps I am Selling:
A.  Standard Items
Australia 100 Different Good Used                                                               2.00
50 Stamps from 50 Countries Good Used                                                   2.00
Note: For each bundle in List A., the postage and handling (shipping) charge is $2.25US. Additional items purchased in the same order have $0.50US handling/packing charge added.
B. Individual Items:
Austria, SG 1217, cat. 7.25 GBP, Good Used                                                 5.00
Austria, SG 953B, cat. 4.75 GBP, Good Used                                                3.20
Baden, SG 8, cat. 26.00 GBP, 3 margins, Used                                          10.00
Bosnia and Herzegovina, SG 200C, cat. 13.50GBP, CTO                           6.00
Watch this space as I add more items.
Note: For up to 50 individual items from List B., the postage and handling (shipping) charge is $2.25US.  For the next 50 items or fewer, an additional $0.50 will be charged.
GBP = Great Britain Pounds, USD = United States Dollars


Please send all orders to  I suggest you copy and paste the items into an email order.  I will send you an invoice by email with the total amount.

Please make payment by going to and selecting “Send Money”.  Make payable to

You do not have to have a PayPal account to use this facility.  This will give you an official and traceable record of payment and protects both parties.

I cannot accept any other method of payment although I may consider exchange of comparable items in good condition.


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